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Career Education and Work Standards

The topics covered in Senior Seminar are from the Pennsylvania Career Education and Work Standards.

The full list of CEW Standards can be found here.

PA Career Education & Work Standards Covered in Senior Seminar:


13.1.11 Career Awareness and Preparation
  • E:  Justify the selection of a career.

  • G: Assess the implementation of the individualized career plan through the ongoing development of the career portfolio.


13.2.11 Career Acquisition (Getting a Job)
  • A: Apply effective speaking and listening skills used in a job interview.

  • B: Apply research skills in searching for a job.

  • C: Develop and assemble, for career portfolio placement, career acquisition documents.

  • D: Analyze, revise, and apply an individualized career portfolio to chosen career path.

  • E: Demonstrate, in the career acquisition process, the application of essential workplace skills and knowledge. 


13.3.11 Career Retention and Advancement
  • A: Evaluate personal attitudes and work habits that support career retention and advancement.

  • B: Evaluate team member roles to describe and illustrate active listening techniques: clarifying, encouraging, reflecting, restating, and summarizing.

  • D: Develop a personal budget based on career choice.

  • E: Evaluate time management strategies and their application to both personal and work situations.

  • F: Evaluate strategies for career retention and advancement in response to the changing global workplace.

  • G: Evaluate the impact of lifelong learning on careers.

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