Each senior at CMTHS will create a portfolio which will include, but is not limited to:

Career Objective Essay

Each senior will write a brief Career Objective Essay to put in their portfolio. This essay answers the questions "Why did you choose your field?" and "What is your plan for your career?"


Your resume is a document created by you that shows all of your education, experience, skills, and certifications in a format that is more like a list than a paragraph.


Employers love to see what you certifications you have earned. Having copies of these documents in your portfolio add to your credibility.

Letters of Reference

Letters of Reference are written by people who know you well and are willing to put nice things about you in writing. Each senior will be asked to get 2 Letters of Reference for their Portfolio.


Awards & Certificates

Awards and certificates round out your portfolio by highlighting those things you have been recognized for. They are evidence of your accomplishments.

Photographs & Evidence of  Work

Photographs of you in your uniform or work you have completed speak volumes to employers. It shows them that you know what you are doing and helps them to imagine how you'd look working for them. Check out this page for tips on taking photos for your portfolio.

Additionally, portfolios may include:

  • Task Lists

  • Samples of your work (lesson plans, artwork, etc.)

  • Any other relevant employment information.