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Photos for Portfolios: Photography Tips

Including photographs in your portfolio is a fantastic way to show a potential employer what you already know. Employers love seeing you in your uniform peforming tasks, as well as pictures of work you have completed. You can't put that medal you won in your portfolio, but you can put a picture of you wearing it!

Photographs of Yourself and Other People

When taking photographs of yourself for your portfolio, you want to be sure you show your very best.

  • Wear a clean uniform

  • Wear any necessary safety equipment

  • If other people are in your photograph, ask their permission to use them. HIPAA laws prohibit using photographs of patients or children if their parents have not given permission.


Photographs of Objects
Whether it is a delicious cake or a refinished car panel, a photograph can let an employer see just what you are capable of doing.
  • Take a little time and care in planning these shots.
  • Use a plain background so that your work will stand out.
  • Use different types of lighting/flash to get the best photo.
Photography Resources:

Excellent quality photographs of any car imaginable!

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