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NOCTI Testing at CMTHS


2019-2020 Performance Testing Schedule:
Perf 19-20.png
  • You will be here all day for your performance testing.
  • We will notify your home school that you will need to be here all day. Transportation will be arranged.
  • Please try your best to attend as there is no make up testing for performance testing.
  • Pizza lunch will be provided free of charge by CMTHS. If you do not like pizza, please bring your own lunch that day.
  • You may not leave the building for lunch or order food to be delivered.
NOCTI Online Testing Schedule:
19-20 Schedule Online.png
  • Online testing is done during your regular AM or PM session over two days.
  • You will be given half of the questions on day 1 and the second half of the questions on day 2.             (If the test has 250 questions, you will get 125 each day).
  • All students must take two days to take the test.
  • If you are absent and miss a part of the test there are days for make up testing.
Testing Blueprints

Blueprints outline the major topics that will be covered on the NOCTI tests. They also show what percent of the test each topic covers, as well as what duties you will be asked to perform for the performance test. Click on the button below with your program name on it to view the Blueprint for the NOCTI test you will be taking.

NOCTI Blueprints
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